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Automation FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The term smart home refers to the regular home, which has its appliances, lighting, and electronic devices connected to the internet to enable remote monitoring and management. The homeowner enjoys the convenience of securing, operating, and monitoring their house even from another side of the world. The devices that are connected are lights, security systems, cameras, audio and video systems, televisions, thermostats, and even sprinklers.

The first and foremost reason to buy a home automation system is for comfort and security. The other benefits that the homeowner gets to enjoy are convenience, remote access, savings, and peace of mind. A few home automation systems have become more accessible and advanced, that the homeowners across the country are upgrading their homes.

There are a variety of devices and appliances that get connected and controlled in a smart home setup. The most common ones fall into four categories, and they are lighting, climate control, entertainment, and security.

Yes, smart homes are affordable. However, there was a time when smart homes were considered a luxury. Setting up your smart home is easier than ever but choosing the right smart home system to unify your devices and get them talking together is the biggest challenge that a homeowner faces today. Ybranium helps you to find the right product and helps in installation and connecting to the Internet of things.

Home automation is in high demand, and thereby, it increases home value. Today, everyone wants to live in a smart home and enjoy advanced technologies. When a house uses smart technology, the homeowner can Home automation faq 2 most likely raise their asking price. It would be best if the homeowner worked with a licensed real estate agent, though, to ensure your price falls within what the market can bear.

The best time to install home automation is now. The smart tech offers security and safety for the family and the house – nothing beats the security aspects. Besides, the best time to install home automation is while building a new home or renovating an existing one. In both the scenarios, the homeowners can get down to the wires easily.

Home automation makes sure that your home uses resources like electricity and water more effectively in order to reduce waste throughout the home. Besides increasing security and convenience, home automation can indeed make a difference in the environment and you will thus get smaller utility bills. You can save energy by using energy management devices like smart power strips and switches that can turn off lights and appliances when not in use, thus saving energy and reducing costs. For instance, lighting controls can be set on a timer and this will prevent lights from staying in the ON mode for the whole night or day. You can also get smart lightbulbs that work with motion sensors and respond to people leaving or entering a room, thus helping you to save energy and money

Home automation is mostly a good investment as it helps in saving money and time. The following benefits will help you understand why home automation devices and systems are worth the investment. Security: Home automation delivers security and safety, helping you to lead a stress-free life style. This is true because once you start using these home automation devices you will realize that you can relax as an alert will be sent if anything strange occurs in your house. Whether burglars or unwanted guests, these automation devices will alert you when these individuals approach your house. Financial Savings: Some home automation systems save you money on water bills and utilities. For instance, a smart thermostat and sprinkler system guarantee that your electricity bills do not shoot up in the summer. Home automation faq 3 Comfort: Home automation is a good investment as it prevents you from rushing around in the morning and getting all stressed when trying to get the lights turned off before you leave home and also when trying to get the thermostat set. These devices are so comforting because if you forget to turn off the coffee pot, these devices will monitor the situation and automatically turn it off for you.

Making your whole house smart is NOT necessary. You first have to prioritize all your options and then decide whether to invest in a full-scale home automation network or in separate smart gadgets. If you want a automate your whole house, there are tons of home automation solutions you can choose from and these include appliances, climate control devices, access control and security elements, entertainment technology, lighting controls, and energy management tools to name a few. Also, you need not buy all the smart home devices you need at one shot. To help you stay within a planned budget, you can plan your purchases in different stages. No matter how you plan to buy the home automation systems or devices, always make sure that you choose your devices carefully because not all devices are compatible. You need to verify that the devices or systems you want to buy actually work together

Basic home automation systems will transmit a command out and just believe that it is actioned. However, more complex home automation systems will first send a command and then wait for a response. A variety of actions can be executed if a response is not approaching. Home automation systems are reliable but if you go in for the more complex devices and systems then the cost also becomes higher along with the need for a skilled specialist for the installation process.

The 3 most sought-after devices that are integrated with any of the home automation systems are lighting control device to turn on/off the lights as per the user’s requirement, heating control device to maintain temperature Home automation faq 4 depending on the weather conditions which also helps to save energy and to control the television/music system.

Security alarms, CCTVs help in protecting the owner’s property from thieves. Technology has taken security to the next level – families can set up monitoring devices connected to the home automation system. This helps the property owners to take control and oversee the facilities when the intruder tries to enter the owner’s property even when they are away from home.

Smart home technology is absolutely a very good option for business. There is a list of smart devices that can be integrated with a home automation system. It helps to control conference systems, a range of smart TVs, security, lights, surveillance, audio, etc from a single console.

A smart home automation system lets technology take care of your home and business. In just few clicks, life is made easy and every device connected to the home automation system can be controlled through a remote or an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. For instance – if you are going out, you can press “Away” and all the activities programmed while in Away mode is made to control instantly – it locks the doors, turns of the lights and other devices that has to be turned off, etc.

We spend so much time and capital to make our homes beautiful, but we spend little to nothing to make them functional. For instance, every car has sensors that automatically detect intrusion and trigger an alarm; every smartphone has ambient sensors that automatically adjust the brightness based on external lighting; why don’t we have the same for our homes? Why do we still protect our precious homes using just one small piece of metal? Why do we still have inefficient mechanical switches that don’t sense our presence and have to be turned on/off manually? Home automation technology is what makes your home intelligently functional, like your car or smartphone.It allows you to control connected appliances, read environmental data, Home automation faq 5 sense intruder movements, change the ambiance, manage mechanical devices, and do a lot more. It provides you the flexibility to control everything in your home from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or using just your voice. In the end, if we spend so much on making the home look good, why can’t we invest a fraction of it in making the home feel good?

We procure devices from some of the best home automation brands in the
world, test them for quality, and guide you towards installing them in your
home. We also provide lifetime support and professional installation on all
products purchased through us.

Solar PV FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

“Photovoltaic” is composed of two words. “Photo” means Light. “Voltaic”
means producing Electricity. When sunlight is used, the relevant term is
“Solar photovoltaic”. A photovoltaic (PV) cell, also called as a Solar cell,
which is the basic building block, is a device that converts sunlight into
Many cells put together are known as a module, and many modules
assembled together form an array. A PV system consists of an array of
modules generating DC electricity, an inverter (which converts D.C energy
in to A.C. energy) can be stored in battery storage banks or fed into the
Electricity Grid.

Inverter is a device which converts DC power to AC power. There are
basically two types of inverters: off-grid inverters and grid tied inverters
A grid tied inverter uses grid voltage as reference for conversion of DC into
AC power.

1. PV modules
2. Grid tied inverters
3. Bi-directional meter
4. Cables – DC/AC

The SRTPV system, where the inverter uses grid as reference voltage for
generation of the solar power and the energy so generated can be
exported to the utility grid during non- consumption period.

Solar PV system can be used to power your entire home’s electrical
systems, including lights, cooling systems, and appliances.

As per KERC SRTPV Regulation-2016, it is defined as
The energy generated by the solar rooftop plant is first allowed for
self- consumption and the excess energy is injected to the grid.
The total energy generated by the solar rooftop plant is to be injected
into the grid without allowing the generated solar energy to be
consumed directly by the consumer.

The life of the Module is 25 years and Inverter warranty is minimum is 5
years or more.

1kW requires 100 sq. ft. shadow free area on the rooftop.

1kW generates average of 4 to 6 units of electricity per day.

The term of the PPA is 25 years

Yes, all the consumers of BESCOM are eligible for net- metering. Only
domestic consumers are eligible for both net and gross metering.

Applications can be submitted from 1kW up to 2000kW and limited up to
sanctioned load of the installation.

Since, roof rights of the Apartments are not given to the individual
consumers, hence not eligible for installation of SRTPV system. The SRTPV
installation can be to put on Common metering installation of the

As per the KERC Order dated 15.09.2017,
If all the 3 nos. of RR installations are in the same consumer name,
then gross metering is allowed up to total sanctioned load/ Contract
demand of the building.
In such cases, the PPA shall be executed at 90% of the present tariff.

As per the KERC Order dated 15.09.2017,
If all the 3 nos. of RR installations are in different consumer name,
then Net metering is allowed to the individual installation.
In such cases, the PPA shall be executed at 90% of the present tariff

The maximum capacity is 100KVA*.85Power factor) = 85kW subject to
feasibility of the line.

Any replacement or upgradation of Modules
/ inverters shall be duly intimated & approved by concerned
Sub-divisional officer.
The consumer shall submit the Work
Completion report and at any point of time the total installed capacity
of SRTPV shall not exceed Sanctioned load of the building.

NO. As per KERC order dated:15.09.2017,
in case of any revision in the sanctioned load or contract demand of the
building the consumer would be eligible for the 90% of the present
The existing PPA has to be terminated.

As per PPA terms and conditions the work has to be completed within 180
days. In case of any delay the consumer is not eligible for the tariff agreed
into the PPA and Supplemental PPA shall be executed the reduced tariff.

As per PPA terms and conditions the SRTPV
plant shall be commissioned with 6 months but as the SRTPV
Regulation2016 the plant has to be commissioned and synchronized within
180 days.
Hence 180 days is the time period for commissioning and synchronizing the
SRTPV plant.

Electrical Services FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

We are willing to estimate your electrical project for free when you know what needs installed, repaired, upgraded, or new construction

Licensed electricians are required to know the current electrical code. If you go to the expense of changing or adding electrical, you ought to do it to the current requirements. Also, the professional will purchase the correct material, in the correct amounts, creating the least waste possible which can save you money in the end.But most importantly, there is always a risk of electrocution and arc burns when doing electrical repairs and installation—not to mention that incorrect electrical work has a nasty reputation for starting fires and causing total structure losses.

Yes! We offer a more thorough electrical inspection than the “home
inspectors” because we are experts in that field and specialize in that area.

We only employ well-trained, qualified electricians. We go above and
beyond the “other guy“. We will work with the utility company, material
vendors, and general contractors to help you with every step of your
project. We are a local and stable company and will still be here to warranty
our work and maintain your system in the future.

If you can see or hear arcing or sparking noises and smell burning, you
should shut down all power and call Ybranium. If you hear arcing or
sparking from a specific device—switch, outlet, light, etc.—when using that
device, discontinue use and contact us for help.

In our years of experience, we have found that our customers prefer an accurate price based on their exact electrical issue. Most phone quotes are subject to change once the technician sees the job. We don’t think that is fair to you. By allowing us to diagnose the problem in person, you will know exactly what it will cost to get the job done before we begin work. Contact Ybranium today for a quote on all of your electrical repair needs.